Coloredge UK

Coloredge UK • Address: City Pavillion, 33 Britton St, London EC1M 5UG, United Kingdom 


A unique combination of high art, high technology, and the highest level of dedication that come together to provide the world’s most discerning brands and retailers with the ultimate in visual marketing solutions.


Coloredge UK is on the leading edge of technology when it comes to project workflow, process, and production. But leading that charge are some very human humans: great, talented people whose careers are making sure that your project, and you, look fantastic.

In fact, we see project management as the most important part of our process, because ultimately, we’re in the delivery business: delivering beautiful work as promised, and when it was promised. Our project managers are seasoned vets, as well as young guns, working together to bring years of experience, and the energy of new ideas, to bear on your work.


Coloredge UK’s work reflects the high standards of our clients. Every project looks great, and makes our clients look great. Every time.