Coloredge UK


Digital Signage — connected to you, to networks, to customers — is changing the ways brands engage, inform and influence consumers visually. Coloredge leverages its legacy business to create a complete offering that bridges print and digital capabilities into an optimal blend that will excite customers and drive behavior.

As a single-source creator and integrator offering complete managed services, Coloredge might be the only company you need to, well, connect with.


Any space can come vibrantly alive with custom fabricated lightboxes from Coloredge. From shoebox size to grand format covering a whole wall, we’ll manufacture it, and make it simple to swap out graphics.

For the most popular fixture in use today — a light box using LED technology — we create a Duratrans image. But we also work with light boxes that use fluorescent bulbs, creating tack-sharp Duraclear images for them.

The basis of all great Duratrans work is of course the photographic process, for which Coloredge is world-renowned. Our digital photographic output produces smooth, realistic images for world-class clients, like the entire Verizon retail system, and Armani Exchange retail locations around the globe.


    One of our most exciting custom products is a new Duratrans system using your image printed with dye sublimation onto a translucent flexible cloth. As opposed to regular photographic Duratrans images, which have to be shipped with great care and protection, these cloth images can simply be folded into an envelope and shipped inexpensively.

    Even better, with a new and super-simple mounting system, employees on location merely have to stretch the cloth over the custom fitted frame and that’s it. Perfection. No need to use outside installers.


      For ultimate flexibility, we feature multiple software platforms for all visual communication applications — scalable to thousands of endpoints. We can simultaneously deploy content to digital signs, video walls, desktop PCs, and mobile devices.

      Our software features state-of-the-art capabilities to manage data integration, interactivity, way finding, and operational imperatives. Naturally, it plays an important role in analytics as well.

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        Processing is our legacy business. And what a legacy. No less a photographic luminary than Annie Liebovitz depended on Coloredge to process her infamous celebrity portraits and glossy magazine covers. Today, Coloredge still works with the brightest talents, producing images renowned for their resolution, luminosity, and faithfulness to the source.